July 20, 2019

You know you are loved


You know you are loved
When your parents are always worried about your safety
When they unhappily allow you to fly away from the nest
When you are awarded the freedom to follow your dreams
When for your little steps to adulting, they are proud with zest

When they put your happiness above everything else
When they have complete faith in the talents you own
When they fight against the society ideals for you
When they are confident you can face the unknown

When they encourage and motivate you at every step
When they sacrifice their life savings for your goal
When they want you to excel in whatever you desire
When your decisions, they don’t try to control

You know you are loved
When they support and push you forward
When they believe you can truly become historic
When they selflessly invest their hard earned money in you
When for your achievements, they are genuinely euphoric

When they fly around the world to be with you
When they stand with you on your special day
When they step out of their comfort zone for you
When they tolerate your cooking with a smile anyway

When they guide you at every possible step
When they stay wide awake for your call
When they always shower you with praise and joy
When they pray for your good fortune, big and small

You know you are loved
When you are showered with sister's admiration
When you are blessed with the perfect sibling
When her best friends know everything about you
When you are her go to person for anything

When you are gifted beautiful handmade presents
When she spends hours making them only for you
When she can make you happy unlike anyone else
When she knows you inside out, through and through

When she misses you like crazy everyday
When she is super ecstatic about your success
When she wants to spend with you every minute
When she can’t wait to share her stories of stress

I’m truly blessed to have all of you in my life
I’m really thankful for your love and embraces fond
I’m sincerely grateful for all you have done for me
Nothing can ever replace this precious bond!