April 23, 2017

Wish you were here


By entering our lives on this day
You instantly made it oh so wonderful
You had a loving nature and caring heart
You spread joyful warmth, twas so beautiful

I wish you were here today
To see how much people love you for real
To prove wrong the negativity in your mind
To save you from the terrible ordeal

You were always there for me
My partner in childhood crimes 
My pillar of strength as I grew up
My spirit guide for all the hard times

While missing you more with each passing day 
I wish you didn't make this choice 
I wish I knew your distress earlier 
I wish I could turn back time and rejoice

Although I know you are watching over us
I do hope you are in a happy place 
I do hope you are now at peace 
I do hope you always bless us with grace

As I sadly muse over our fond memories in tears
I really miss your reassuring presence
I miss your comforting words of solace
I realize no one can ever fill your absence!