November 22, 2020

Dear Sarla Mamiji


My dear sarla mamiji was a symbol of strength and will power
She affectionately looked after our family every hour
Her bravery towards life's challenges, I deeply admire
To become patient and courageous like her, I do aspire

She always made me feel so special and pampered us
Was willing to advise people and their problems discuss
I was in deep awe of her wisdom, warmth and intuition
She was always positively smiling, despite her condition

She will live on in our memories forever
Her teachings will push us to greater endeavor
Her words will continue to echo in our mind
Her positivity will inspire our lives combined

With tears in my eyes and heart filled with sorrow
I am deeply saddened by her absence in our lives now
I will continue to honor her memory and stay strong
May she rest in peace, look over us and guide us along!