April 25, 2014

God's Greatest Gift


Parents are gods greatest gift and very precious
they are our dearest well wishers and very gracious
dad is your hero and mom is your best friend
in the hardest of times they always forgive us in the end

They shower us with abundant selfless love
to bravely face the world, they lift us above
to bring us up well, they sacrifice so much
no one can ever take their place as such

Because of them we are who we are today
we wish to be more like them with each passing day
for our happiness, they work tirelessly with perspiration
and become our biggest inspiration

They instill in us values that bring us closer to success
to express our gratitude for them words are less
we wish you both a lifetime of happiness
we love you and may god always bless!

50th Anniversary


भगवान ने हमारी कामना को किया स्वीकार
दिए मा-बाप जो करते है हम से बहुत प्यार
हुमे मिले है आपसे बहुत नेक संस्कार
हमारी हर ग़लती को किया माफ़ बार-बार

पाल पोसकर बड़ा किया है आपने
हमारी सफलता के देखे है अनेक सपने
प्यारी दोस्त है मा और हीरो है बाप
हमारी सबसे बड़ी प्रेरणा हो आप

हम भाग्यशाली है की हम ने आपको पाया
दुआ है कभी ना हटे आपके आशीर्वाद का साया
आज आपकी ज़िंदगी का दूसरा पड़ाव पास आया
इस मौके ने हमारी अच्छी तकदीर का एहसास दिलाया

व्यक्त करना मुश्किल है, कितने अनमोल हो आप हमारे लिए
परमात्मा का शुक्रगुज़ार है, आप जैसे मा बाप दिए
हमारे साथ सभी ये कहे
हमेशा आपकी जोड़ी सलामत रहे

Bhagwan ne hamari kaamna ko kiya svikaar
Diye ma-baap jo karte hai humse bahut pyaar
Hume mile hai aapse bahut nek sanskaar
Hamari har galti ko kiya maaf baar-baar

Paal poskar bada kiya hai aapne
Hamari safalta ke dekhe hai anek sapne
Pyari dost hai maa and hero hai baap
Hamari sabse badi prerna ho aap

Hum bhagyashali hai ki humne aapko paaya
Dua hai kabhi na hate aapke ashirwaad ka saaya
Aaj aapki zindagi ka dusra padav paas aaya
Is mauke ne hamari achchi takdir ka ehsaas dilaya

Vyakt karna mushkil hai, kitne anmol ho aap hamare liye
Parmatma ka shukrguzaar hai, aap jaise ma baap diye
Hamare saath sabhi ye kahe
Hamesha aapki jodi salamat rahe

January 31, 2014

A Woman's Worth


She is beautiful and majestic
often involved in worries domestic
She efficiently juggles multiple roles
and touches the hearts of infinite souls

She struggles on her own quietly in pain
yet all her relationships she does maintain
She maintains a perfect balance in her life
and strives to be a better daughter, mother and wife

She is forgiving and faithful
and gracious and grateful
She is emotional and cries her heart out
and is passionate and patient without any doubt

She often sacrifices her own aspirations
and displays strength beyond expectations
She endures many a hardships
and is the heart and soul of numerous friendships

She deserves to be treated with respect
and wishes for love and no neglect
She loves unconditionally and selflessly
and tolerates your flaws endlessly

She performs wonders at home and in the workplace
by swallowing her pride with a lot of grace
She is devoted, kind and humble
will make you smile and not grumble

She upholds her integrity and performs her duty
is smart, caring and abounded by beauty
She is always guiding you along the way
and is responsible for your success today

She does so much for us
without ever making a big fuss
She gives you unforgettable memories to reminisce
and countless moments of laughter, love and bliss

She consoles you when you cry
to keep you happy she does very hard try
She sees your sadness and hugs you tight
and makes sure your heart feels light

She listens to your troubles attentively
and is understanding extensively
She achieves the impossible by her strong will
and nurses you whenever you are ill

She is a beacon shining bright
in troubled times when things don’t go right
She makes your wishes come true
and definitely stands by you all through

She deserves every bit of gratitude
and displays immense fortitude
She is helpful, encouraging and motivating
and most certainly makes life worth living!

January 26, 2014



For 8 years I was an only child
Not wild but quite mild
I felt lonely and incomplete
A companion or sibling I wanted to meet

I prayed to God every night
And hoped my wish fulfill he might
To give me a little sister of my own
So that I may never feel alone

In God, mom told to have faith
To be patient and to wait
On republic day 1999, my wish came true
Into this world came my little sister, my babu

I was so excited and overjoyed
There was no longer any void
My happiness knew no bounds
As I listened to the cute bundle’s sounds

It was like I had a real life toy
Who I could feed, bathe and annoy
I was keen to take care of you and even wipe your drool
To play with you, I would rush home from school

On watching and entertaining you, I spent hours endless
Even as you cried and made a fuss on times countless
I eagerly waited for you to grow up soon
Even as a kid you always loved to play with a balloon

Our house was alive with your loud cries
They say you look like mom with your big eyes
Slowly as you started to walk and talk
You would follow me everywhere round the clock

You were chubby and a cute kid
And many naughty things you did
You would endlessly suck your thumb
And out of the play house very reluctantly come

Drinking milk you always tried to avoid
Numerous toys you have broken and destroyed
You grew up to be naughty and chatty
I always wonder if you’ll ever become a fatty

You are more than often disorganized and messy
Often wore ghagra on weekends and looked dressy
You paint, color and dance incredibly well
But you’re quite short tempered and loudly yell

Even though we often argue and fight
Soon after we forget and everything becomes alright
You really are one of a kind and a unique cartoon
And go completely mad in the monsoon

In your own thoughts you are often lost
You want things done your way at any cost
You’re a perfectionist at making creative stuff
You’re full of ideas and love doing it sure enough

You can’t seem to take decisions fast
I found someone who understands sarcasm at last
You desperately want a dog of your own
Your craze for blue makes us all groan

You are a slow eater and love junk food
And are a lot of fun when you’re in the mood
You sometimes act like a tube light
But mostly you’re interesting and a superb delight

I reminisce all our wonderful moments together
Hope we maintain this sisterhood and remain close forever
You are sweet, bubbly and really smart
I cherish you, my little sister, with all my heart!

January 19, 2014

True Bangalorean


You are a true bangalorean
if your first love was the awesome weather
if you can’t get enough of DBC at corner house
if you cheered for RCB in IPL matches together

You are a true bangalorean
if you have fought multiple times with an auto driver
if you find masala dosas at Vidyarthi Bhavan delicious
if despite the broken roads of the city, you’re a survivor

You are a true bangalorean
if you’ve tasted heaven with Brahmin’s melting idli
if you can’t stand someone insulting the city
if you’ve gotten wet in B’lore rains excitedly

You are a true bangalorean
if utility building defines your description of tall
if you drive bike on footpath to avoid traffic jam
if the oldest stone structure you know is the town hall

You are a true bangalorean
if on comm street, you uncontrollably shop
if Brigade road is your version of Times Square
if for a ride on the metro, you do proudly hop

You are a true bangalorean
if you get annoyed by the nightlife deadline
if you spend more time in traffic jams than with family
if for the numerous electricity cuts you do whine

You are a true bangalorean
if you know time to reach airport is greater than flight time
if you love people’s spirit and energy level here
if you know wearing any attire to a restaurant is not a crime

You are a true bangalorean
if for every problem “chill maadi” is your solution
if you agree its a welcoming, pleasant and cosmopolitan city
if you constantly talk about the greenery before IT revolution

You are a true bangalorean
if you feel there are more IT offices here than hair on your head
if after living in the city for decades, you can only say “Kannada Gotthilla”
if you know its the best city to stay in, alive or dead

You are a true bangalorean
if you agree its a home to different cultures and has irresistible charm
if you’ve visited Lalbagh flower show and sat in Cubbon park’s toy train
if you can’t stand Vidhana Soudha come to any harm

You are a true bangalorean
if you add suffix “maadi” to every verb to give more impact
if you don’t care about the distance you travel as long as its in a volvo
if being nicknamed as Garden City, AC City, IT City is a justified fact

You are a true bangalorean
if you take people to MTR, Iskcon and Blossoms with immense pride
if you have had delicious breakfast at Koshy’s
if you have experienced each and every Wonder la ride

You are a true bangalorean
if you have seen the city host live shows of ghazals as well as heavy metal
if you have used the phrase “Sakkath hot maga”
if you don’t want to move out and elsewhere settle

You are a true bangalorean
if you have been to Nandi Hills, Ramnagar and Raasta on Mysore Road
if you understand Chow-Chow, Uppi and by-two coffee
if you know people who are efficient in Kannada and writing JAVA code

You are a true bangalorean
if you think the city is a hub of entrepreneurs, industries and activity
if you truly believe "Namma Bengaluru" rocks
if you’ve seen the city lit up for Christmas, Eid and Diwali festivity

You are a true bangalorean
if you travel by BMTC and do not complain or shout
if you know shortcuts to avoid traffic signals
if you can think of many points I have missed out...