April 28, 2013

The Perfect Dream

The Perfect Dream

As a teenager, she always dreamed
of being with the perfect guy
She had a few crushes in college
but never spoke to them coz she was shy

She got attracted and started falling for someone
but never had the courage to speak out her heart
When she did express her feelings, he rejected her
and she was crushed and torn apart

She was lonely and depressed
and cried before sleeping every night
Till her guardian angel came along
and filled her days of darkness with some light

He taught her to live and be happy again
she learned to smile again and be cheerful
He was everything she ever dreamed of
and he made her feel confident and beautiful

He was her knight in shining armor
the sweetest, nicest guy she ever met
He was gentle, loving, caring and kind
the best thing that happened in her life yet

Through thick and thin, he was there for her
his love was genuine, compassionate and tender
He gave her infinite moments to cherish forever
he never lied and was never a pretender

She always thought he was too good for her
how much he meant to her, she could never confess
She could not imagine a life without him
he was her perfect dream nevertheless

But then reality intervened and she woke up
realizing it wasn’t real and never mattered
She was lonelier now more than ever
her perfect dream was now shattered!

I hate...


I hate that I’m still hurting
I hate that I still care…
I hate that I cannot move on
I hate that I think it’s unfair…

I hate that I can’t give up so easily
I hate that I can’t let go…
I hate that I took you for granted
I hate that I now feel so low…

I hate that I feel like crying every night
I hate that I feel so lonely…
I hate that I tried but couldn’t hate you
I hate that I think of you only…

I hate that I still have feelings for you
I hate that I still miss you so much…
I hate that I’m so confused and lost
I hate that I crave your touch…

I hate that I cannot accept it
I hate that I cannot so soon forget…
I hate that I wasn’t good enough
I hate that I’m full of regret…

I hate that I became so close to you
I hate that I became attached so fast…
I hate that I’m living on false hopes
I hate that I’m clinging onto the past…