July 26, 2016

Waiting for you


How much longer do I have to wait?
Before you enter my life for real
You have been teasing me with glimpses
For a really long time now, what’s the deal?

Stop sending a part of your soul into my life
Enter my life once and for all to convince
I am losing my patience to meet you
My soul mate, my perfect prince

Every time I think it's you and feel ecstatic
But I lose control and end up getting rejected 
How many times do I have to let you go?
Before I have you in my arms & not feel dejected

You are everything I ever dreamed of
You are better than the previous one, its true
Don't break my heart so many times
That I lose the ability to finally accept you

You have had your share of fun now
And I have had my share of pain
Please just reveal your true self to me now
Don’t let this entire wait go in vain

You know how perfect we are going to be together
What is keeping you away for so long?
Walk into my life and make my wishes come true
This heart’s yearning is becoming really strong

Just take a moment to imagine
All the infinite fun we shall have together
Never will another moment in life be dull
Like yin and yang, we will complement each other

You know I can't belong to anyone else now
Another moment without you, I want to live never
Come and rescue me from this solitude
So that we can create memories to cherish forever...

July 25, 2016



Every time I try to cut you out
You only seem to get closer to me, I find
I keep myself super busy all day long
So that thoughts of you don’t cross my mind

I tried to find reasons to hate you
Looked for excuses to get angry and mad
Ultimately failed as I found none
Couldn’t blame you though I wanted to real bad

Someday I will get over you and maybe laugh
That I fell for you and tried to flatter
But until then it’s really hard for me to let go
And pretend that it just doesn’t matter

I feel sure you came into my life for a reason
Probably it isn’t clear to me yet
But someday it will all make sense
And make it worthwhile that we met…