September 25, 2011



Hey! Hey! Sheetu
I do love you
One of my best friends you are
And will always remain yaar

All those games of lagori we played
And those awesome memories we made
The long conversations we had
Have always made me very glad

It’s awesome to have a friend like you
Who’s been with me all through
Now as you turn 18 and step into adulthood
I’m hoping we’ll remain friends forever, touchwood

September 11, 2011

How many times?


How many times do we think of doing a good deed
Before suppressing the urge to satisfy our greed
How many times do we give up our meal
To a person whose been starving and may enjoy it with zeal
How many times do we express to our loved ones our gratitude
Before showering them with our don’t-care attitude

How many times do we perform a self-check
Before blaming others and pointing a sword at their neck
How many times do we reach out to help others
Who are facing life’s struggle alone without the support of any brothers
How many times do we take a moment out of our busy lives
To notice all around us people suffering in their individual hives

How many times do we save our relation with friends
By accepting the differences and in our behavior making amends
How many times do we think what is wrong and right
Before we choose the easy way and succumb to evil’s might
How many times do we this gift of life appreciate
Before complaining and blaming things on destiny and fate

How many times do we easily forgive and forget
Before letting our ego come in the way and make us all upset
How many times do we show respect, love and care
Before disgracing and putting down someone with an angry glare
How many times do we face every challenge with a smile
In this journey of life where we encounter problems after every mile

Life is beautiful yet it is short
Have no regrets whilst you are here
Be caring and humane to all around you
Live life to the fullest without any fear!