August 16, 2012



Rahul is a busy bee
Who loves home made tea
He is responsible and mature
And makes you feel secure

He is a crazy mad fellow
But easygoing and mellow
He infects us with his laughter
And our frowns disappear soon after

He’s there for us everytime
Extremely well he can mime
He has a nice smile and dresses smart
Loves his family and friends with all his heart

He is a caring and sweet guy
Who cannot afford to see a person cry
Never will he refuse to help out a friend
On him you can surely depend!

August 13, 2012

Master Game Changer


He walks up confident and tall
And inspires us all
He has endless positivism and energy
And helps us achieve synergy

He instills confidence in us
Our pessimism he does oppress
He has mastered public speaking
Immense motivation he does bring

An abundance of positivity
An example of simplicity
A passionate reader
Our mentor, our guide, our leader!