November 6, 2011



As I walk down memory lane
A swarm of memories flash by
Of carefree days when life was simple
This reminiscence makes me deeply sigh

I miss those happy innocent days
When my dad was my only hero
When drinking meant chocolate milk
When failing meant getting a zero

When getting high meant on a swing
When dropping an ice cream was our deepest sorrow
When the only things broken were our toys
When goodbyes meant only till tomorrow

When love was mum’s hug
When getting hurt meant skinned knees
When cheating meant skipping numbers in hide and seek
When our worst enemies were our siblings

When blackmail meant throwing a tantrum
When running from cockroaches almost got us killed
When the only worry was completing home work
When crying got our wishes fulfilled

These were the blissful and memorable days
That have so soon turned into years
We don’t get to be a child again in life
We just remember the memories in silent tears!