May 19, 2010

Drops of Joy


A strong breeze begins to blow
The bright yellow sun ceases to glow
The trees sway from side to side
The blue sky, dark grey clouds hide

A stroke of lightning tears apart the sky
The plants and flowers stretch out high
A loud rumble of thunder is heard soon after
The air is full of animals and birds' laughter

The first few drops of rain start falling
In no time at all it's drizzling
Buckets of water are dropping faster and faster
And soon it begins to pour much harder

The weather is pleasant and it's a lovely scene
To get fully drenched, I've never been so keen
I want to jump in the puddles up and down
And dance in the rain without a frown

The air is cool as it's never been
The trees and plants appear lush green
The scent of the wet soil is very sweet
The air is now devoid of dust and heat

Amidst all this we see another pretty sight
The lovely rainbow stretching across with all its might
The monsoons make me happy and full of joy
It makes me wanna scream, oh boy! Oh boy!