August 16, 2012



Rahul is a busy bee
Who loves home made tea
He is responsible and mature
And makes you feel secure

He is a crazy mad fellow
But easygoing and mellow
He infects us with his laughter
And our frowns disappear soon after

He’s there for us everytime
Extremely well he can mime
He has a nice smile and dresses smart
Loves his family and friends with all his heart

He is a caring and sweet guy
Who cannot afford to see a person cry
Never will he refuse to help out a friend
On him you can surely depend!

August 13, 2012

Master Game Changer


He walks up confident and tall
And inspires us all
He has endless positivism and energy
And helps us achieve synergy

He instills confidence in us
Our pessimism he does oppress
He has mastered public speaking
Immense motivation he does bring

An abundance of positivity
An example of simplicity
A passionate reader
Our mentor, our guide, our leader!

July 23, 2012

Get well soon


Hope you feel less pain
And are back on your feet again
Hope you quickly heal
And much better feel

Hope you can sit up
And play with a pup
Hope you can get out of bed
And feel normal from toe to head

Hope you feel fit and fine
And cure the injury of your spine
Hope you get well soon
And enjoy the monsoon

Hope your recovery is a quick one
And you can have fun
Hope this brightens up your day
And you cheer up right away…

May 25, 2012

Ankur Bhaiya


You’ve spent time with computers
Since early childhood more or less
You are an incomparable genius
A lot of grey matter you possess

No matter how busy you are
You always help me out
When I had difficulty in ADA programs
You cleared my every doubt

You coded the Buddhabrot fractal
Which looks so beautiful
You took out the time to help me
For which I’m so grateful

The little time I spend in Mumbai
I have a great time in your company
“Somebody gonna get hurt real bad”
Your comments and jokes are just too funny!

May you have many more wonderful
Birthdays one after another
Wishing you a very very
Happy b’day dear brother!

March 19, 2012

A long way indeed


From annoying me in first year
To wiping my tear
From getting to know each other
To craving for each other

From sharing the Baldwinian bond
To coming closer and becoming fond
From getting chucked out of class
To attending the Sunday mass

From scribbling on your arm
To falling in love with your charm
From going to fests for golas of ice
To having our first date at ice and spice

From playing Uno on Facebook
To making you a scrapbook
From taking part for collage as a team
To sharing those numerous cups of ice cream

We’ve indeed come a long way
And no matter what anyone might say
It’s going to be 19 till I die
And hope never have to say goodbye…

February 15, 2012

Footprints on the sand


On the beach of life
In troubled waters we stand knee deep
we glance beyond the horizon
and onto our destined path take a giant leap

During this journey we come across some people
who in our lives make a difference
while others are gone in the blink of an eye
without leaving us with a sense of remembrance

Those who matter linger over like our shadow
and walk with us hand in hand
with the incoming waves they wash off our burdens
and leave behind their footprints on the sand

As the tide comes in, their marks are erased
as fate has made them play their role
we have to let go...part ways and walk away
but keep them close in our heart and soul!