February 14, 2011

Silent Misery


I met a little girl who was always seen smiling
She seemed jolly and a lot of fun
But no one knew of the pain in her heart
Which she hid from everyone

She felt lonely and miserable
And cried herself to sleep every night
But she was seen to be very contented
And no one thought something isn’t right

She despised her life a lot
And often put herself down
But she never complained about anything
And never caused anyone to frown

No one saw the sadness in her eyes
Or the fake smile she gave
They only saw them glisten with happiness
With a twinkle that made them crave

She did not realize her own worth
Or how much people admired her
She continued to hide her pain
And plot her own murder!

February 11, 2011



Have you ever felt like this
when something holds you back
you wanna do what your mind tells you
but somehow the courage you lack

You start to wonder about
the consequence of your action
what people might think of you
and what might be their reaction

You cant be yourself
you start losing your self confidence
you feel hindered for some reason
and you behave with caution and hesitance

You wanna become more outgoing
you wanna climb out of this inhibiting shell
so go ahead and lose your inhibitions
don't care about anyone or what they tell!