February 26, 2015

What will be?


Will I ever find you?
Are you even out there for me?
Or are you just in my head?
So many questions, what will be?

Will I ever learn to trust and love again?
Will I ever find someone who will love me?
And not break my heart yet again?
So many questions, what will be?

Can I bring myself to forget the past?
Will I end up with someone who cares for me?
Is it fair to hope and wait anxiously?
So many questions, what will be?

Did I miss an opportunity and mess up the future?
Can I dream of a wonderful fantasy?
Or did I lose my chance already?
So many questions, what will be?

February 18, 2015

25th Anniversary - Mom & Dad


Dear mom and dad, this one’s for you:

25 years ago you started your journey
When marriage bought you together as husband and wife
The celebration continues to this very day
As it gave each of you a best friend for life

25 years is indeed a long time
To share your love and be together
Here’s wishing you a lifetime of happiness
And hope you continue to love and support each other

We couldn’t have asked for more wonderful parents
Because you made us who we are today
Your silver jubilee is a moment of pride for us too
As you have really come a long way...