November 20, 2013

25th anniversary - buaji


(For Buaji and Phuphaji)

सालो में एक साल आया
जिसने आपकी पचिसवी को पास लाया
इसने यह एहसास दिलाया
की ज़िंदगी का दूसरा पड़ाव आया

पचीस साल पहले शादी ने आपको साथ लाया
इसी ताज के होटेल में आपको एक बनाया
ये संगम सबके मन को भाया
आज पचीस साल बाद भी यही साथ लाया

खुशी के मौके ने हूमे यहाँ बुलाया
बहुत प्यार हम ने आपसे पाया
एक दूसरे में आपने एक सच्चा दोस्त पाया
इस रिश्ते को बहुत खूबसूरती से निभाया

Saalo mein ek saal aaya
Jisne aapki pachisvi ko paas laaya
Isne yeh ehsaas dilaya
Ki zindagi ka doosra padav aaya

Pachis saal pehle shaadi ne aapko saath laya
Isi taj ke hotel mein aapko ek banaya
Ye sangam sabke mann ko bhaya
Aaj pachis saal baad bhi yahi saath laya

Khushi ke mauke ne hume yahan bulaya
Bahut pyar humne aapse paaya
Ek dusre mein aapne ek sachcha dost paya
Is rishte ko bahut khubsurti se nibhaya

November 18, 2013

Experience of a lifetime


We assembled at OTP for our Go Plus outing
And as strangers we boarded the bus
After an uneventful journey, we reached Camp Shristi
Full of excitement and without any fuss

Hungry after the hike, we pounced on hot pakodas
And then we were allotted our tent
We unpacked quickly and assembled for Introductions
Played Name Banner and for dinner off we went

After a fun round of Dumb-Charades, we dozed off
And with much difficulty, we woke up groggily at six
Got an adrenaline rush with Rappelling
All the while taking loads of pics

Battled it out in Obstacle Course and River Crossing
In Three Islands, we became blind, dumb and lame
With torches in hand, we set off for Moonlight Treasure Hunt
Had delicious dinner and played the Guess Who game

Next morning, with Meditation we had a fresh head start
And while Zorbing, we rolled down the slope
We showed our team spirit in the A-frame activity
In Marble-Pipe game and while swinging the rope

After a quick lunch we got together in our teams
To rehearse for the skit which we hadn’t done yet
Had an entertaining session with some brilliant performances
And realized the talent of the people we had met

Soon after it was time to go and bid adieu
It was a wonderful experience and the best trip ever
We learnt the Oracle values and also made new friends
I will cherish this fun-filled outing forever!!

November 17, 2013

Freaky Freshers


Ankit, the physics enthusiast
This karate black belt is a bag full of talent
Nagin dance, GK and strategy are his strengths
This “Gopiyon ka kanhaiya” is very gallant

Ashwini, the twinkling star gazer
She’s hilarious when she says “what the hell”
Her rope dance was epic when cheaters didn’t prosper
“Yappa” she reacts with a defensive yell

Deepa, the dimpled damsel
Has long, shining beautiful hair
A true keralite at heart, sweet and sportive
She often points out this is “not fair”

Deepti, the chotta packet is a loudspeaker
She has a twin sister and is never lonely
“Come ya, get ya, go ya”
Her patient dialogues are “that only”

Nandana, the TT champion
Shredded her specs and adopted contact lens
Runs behind buses and loves her pets
She’s lazy and dramatic and shouts “what nonsense”

Sasi, the bali ka bakra
Is the newest addition to the DBA team
She has an amazing sense of humour
Loves dancing as much as having ice cream

Shivani, the gorgeous hottie
Really likes to play throwball
She’s really sporty yet quite shy
“Get lost” and “shut up” is her brawl

[Written by Sasi]
Cherisha, the gallery of all art
“Let’s do it!” she screams for everything dangerous
She designs graphics like it’s a cake walk
Oooh my friend, you are really marvelous!