November 12, 2001

Teddy bear


A teddy bear is a soft toy
Which gives us joy

A teddy bear looks cute
When dressed up in a suit

In different colors teddy bears are found
On the ground, fat and round

The teddy bear wears a bow
And usually doesn’t have a foe

I hug my teddy bear tight
When I go to sleep at night

August 8, 2001



We have one moon
Which does not come out at noon
It is in the sky
And the sky is very high

The moon is bright
On a silvery night
The moon causes tide
Which takes us on a ride

It disappears on new moon
And comes back on full moon
I like a moon
Which is round like a balloon

June 25, 2001



I love cakes,
Which bakers make
It’s good to taste
And I do not like to waste

I like it to be decorated
With lots of chocolates
It should be round
And it should be found all around

Cakes are for fun
I like to eat bun
I love cakes
Which bakers make