March 16, 2024

My happy place


When I fall in your arms
The world fades away
I feel closer to you
With each passing day

When I kiss you
I'm filled with such bliss
You are on my mind
Always, without a miss

When I hear your voice
I feel calm and peaceful
I can talk to you for hours
Your words are so beautiful

When I cuddle with you
I just love the foreplay
I crave for your touch
Every moment I'm away

When I look into your eyes
The world feels brighter
You make me feel so good
My heart feels lighter

When I feel your touch
I get super excited
You make me alive again
And I feel so delighted

When I spend time with you
The hours seem to just fly
I just love your company
And never want to say bye

When I see you smile
My heart tingles with joy
You are my everything
I love you my handsome boy!

November 13, 2023

Beauty of white


Freshly fallen snow
Jasmine in a meadow
Teeth sparkling with delight
Pearl glowing so bright

Simplicity of a swan
Polar bear taking a yawn
Crisp sheets in hotel room
Daisies in fresh bloom

Grains of rice so fine
Smooth marble with a shine
Doves flying in peace
Against cotton clouds obese

Wedding dress of a bride
Glacier melting far and wide
Innocence of a lamb
Smooth milk by the gram

White is minimal and so pure
And it can also cure
White signifies clean
And makes you feel serene!

October 23, 2023

The right one


The right one
Won't be afraid of commitment
Won't end up being a disappointment 
Won't keep you forever hanging
Won't create any misunderstanding

Won't care if you don't have a brother
Won't put you down one way or another 
Won't have a problem with your way of living 
Won't have an issue with your driving  

Won't make you feel small
Won't intentionally hurt you at all
Won't shy away from providing emotional support 
Won't dismiss your opinion or thought 

Won't put you in harms way
Won't try to avoid foreplay 
Won't burst your dream bubbles
Won't run away at first sign of troubles

The right one
Will appreciate your strengths
Will match your wavelengths
Will celebrate your success 
Will respectfully and gently caress 

Will cherish your handwritten letter
Will worry if you aren't feeling better
Will express love and affection
Will consider you close to perfection

Will feel peaceful in your presence 
Will really miss your absence 
Will stick through thick and thin
Will get along with your next of kin 

Will be willing to fight for you
Will want to spend quality time with you
Will always be there and accept you 
Will plan for a beautiful future with you!

September 29, 2023

Power of a smile


A smile is so magical
It can never be tragical
Completely lights up your face
Erasing all marks of disgrace

Some smiles come with a cute dimple
Others are gorgeous yet simple
Some smiles can spread so much cheer
Others are lovely and sincere

A random smile can be a blessing
When life seems to be depressing
A cute smile can make you fall in love
It's a true gift from high above

I would travel many a mile
Only to make someone smile
Because when I see a grim frown
I want to just turn it upside down

Never underestimate the power of a smile
It can make you feel great all the while
Even if things aren't going your way
A warm smile can simply make your day

Spreading smiles is such a delight
It's infectious in the line of sight
Eyes twinkling with all their might
Immediately the world seems so bright!

July 20, 2023

Never again


Why did I let you hurt me?
Why did I let you destroy my soul?
Why did I let you break my trust?
Why did I let you take control?

I allowed myself to get manipulated
I allowed myself to lose all self-respect
I allowed myself to absorb your harsh words
I allowed myself to tolerate this neglect

I did not stand up for myself
I did not fight for what was right
I did not give it back to you
I did not show you my real might

Never again will I be so naive
Never again will I be a pushover
Never again will I doubt my self worth
Never again will I give you the power

December 11, 2022

Walking away


Was it all a lie?
Did you ever care about me at all?
Did you just make false promises?
Did you want to be in for the long haul?

You moved on so easily
You never expressed your discontent
You never planned for our future
You never understood my excitement

You were always uncertain
You didn't feel attached to me
You didn't feel I was good enough
You didn't share your feelings with me

You couldn't face your fears
I wish we made it work in advance
I wish you didn't walk away so easily
I wish you actually gave me a chance

You don't feel the pain
I wish I could finally move on 
I wish I could be mad at you
I wish I could forget our memories bygone

We could have had a beautiful life
You will regret it someday
You made the wrong decision but
You won't realize your loss right away!

July 15, 2021

Dear Suresh Mamaji


My dear Suresh Mamaji was a real visionary
His sales and marketing skills were legendary
He deemed my higher education to be necessary
His confidence level was extraordinary

To follow my dreams, he was always encouraging
To overcome limits, he never found challenging
He loved exploring new avenues and enjoyed travelling
His sudden departure from life is most saddening

Of my achievements in life, he was always so proud
At an event or party, he stood out from the crowd
He was a living example of true ambition unbowed
He lived life king-size with luxuries endowed

With endless support and a heart of gold
He taught us to be strong and bold
His helpful nature is a revelation to behold  
A real inspiring figure, now lost from this world!

November 22, 2020

Dear Sarla Mamiji


My dear sarla mamiji was a symbol of strength and will power
She affectionately looked after our family every hour
Her bravery towards life's challenges, I deeply admire
To become patient and courageous like her, I do aspire

She always made me feel so special and pampered us
Was willing to advise people and their problems discuss
I was in deep awe of her wisdom, warmth and intuition
She was always positively smiling, despite her condition

She will live on in our memories forever
Her teachings will push us to greater endeavor
Her words will continue to echo in our mind
Her positivity will inspire our lives combined

With tears in my eyes and heart filled with sorrow
I am deeply saddened by her absence in our lives now
I will continue to honor her memory and stay strong
May she rest in peace, look over us and guide us along!

July 20, 2019

You know you are loved


You know you are loved
When your parents are always worried about your safety
When they unhappily allow you to fly away from the nest
When you are awarded the freedom to follow your dreams
When for your little steps to adulting, they are proud with zest

When they put your happiness above everything else
When they have complete faith in the talents you own
When they fight against the society ideals for you
When they are confident you can face the unknown

When they encourage and motivate you at every step
When they sacrifice their life savings for your goal
When they want you to excel in whatever you desire
When your decisions, they don’t try to control

You know you are loved
When they support and push you forward
When they believe you can truly become historic
When they selflessly invest their hard earned money in you
When for your achievements, they are genuinely euphoric

When they fly around the world to be with you
When they stand with you on your special day
When they step out of their comfort zone for you
When they tolerate your cooking with a smile anyway

When they guide you at every possible step
When they stay wide awake for your call
When they always shower you with praise and joy
When they pray for your good fortune, big and small

You know you are loved
When you are showered with sister's admiration
When you are blessed with the perfect sibling
When her best friends know everything about you
When you are her go to person for anything

When you are gifted beautiful handmade presents
When she spends hours making them only for you
When she can make you happy unlike anyone else
When she knows you inside out, through and through

When she misses you like crazy everyday
When she is super ecstatic about your success
When she wants to spend with you every minute
When she can’t wait to share her stories of stress

I’m truly blessed to have all of you in my life
I’m really thankful for your love and embraces fond
I’m sincerely grateful for all you have done for me
Nothing can ever replace this precious bond!

October 30, 2018

I'd rather


I'd rather enjoy my meal in peace than post a picture of the food online
I'd rather be my original self than scar with tattoos and piercings this body of mine
I'd rather live in the moment than smoke up and in the alternate world get lost
I'd rather travel the world than blow money on the new iPhone’s cost

I'd rather share something meaningful than fill my posts with hashtags to appear cool
I'd rather have someone else take my pretty picture than in a weird selfie look like a fool
I'd rather make a real long term connection than hook up and walk away
I'd rather experience serendipity than be desperate with online dating I daresay

I'd rather do something productive than with Netflix just while away time
I'd rather create precious memories than on Instagram document stories of crime
I'd rather take beautiful photographs than use filters on Snapchat 
I'd rather read something sensible instead of having tweets fall flat

I'd rather enjoy the smell of a new book in my hand than on a kindle read
I'd rather live long and prosper than by smoking suffocate my lungs and bleed
I’d rather consume healthy beverages than get addicted to the caffeine blend
I’d rather admit my dislike for torn jeans and game of thrones than to like them pretend

I'd rather people like me for my simplicity than put on a slutty front in a pub
I'd rather enjoy a quiet dinner at home than go to a loud and sweaty nightclub
I'd rather be dressed in casual and comfortable wear than spend hours with make up
I'd rather have full control on my decisions than with a regretful hangover wake up

I'd rather get excited by little joys in life than behind instant gratification run
I'd rather deal with real life than get drunk and pretend to have fun
I'd rather be a simple old soul than pretend to love the things I detest
I'd rather be honest to myself than to meet expectations put up a front dishonest