July 20, 2019

You know you are loved


You know you are loved
When your parents are always worried about your safety
When they unhappily allow you to fly away from the nest
When you are awarded the freedom to follow your dreams
When for your little steps to adulting, they are proud with zest

When they put your happiness above everything else
When they have complete faith in the talents you own
When they fight against the society ideals for you
When they are confident you can face the unknown

When they encourage and motivate you at every step
When they sacrifice their life savings for your goal
When they want you to excel in whatever you desire
When your decisions, they don’t try to control

You know you are loved
When they support and push you forward
When they believe you can truly become historic
When they selflessly invest their hard earned money in you
When for your achievements, they are genuinely euphoric

When they fly around the world to be with you
When they stand with you on your special day
When they step out of their comfort zone for you
When they tolerate your cooking with a smile anyway

When they guide you at every possible step
When they stay wide awake for your call
When they always shower you with praise and joy
When they pray for your good fortune, big and small

You know you are loved
When you are showered with sister's admiration
When you are blessed with the perfect sibling
When her best friends know everything about you
When you are her go to person for anything

When you are gifted beautiful handmade presents
When she spends hours making them only for you
When she can make you happy unlike anyone else
When she knows you inside out, through and through

When she misses you like crazy everyday
When she is super ecstatic about your success
When she wants to spend with you every minute
When she can’t wait to share her stories of stress

I’m truly blessed to have all of you in my life
I’m really thankful for your love and embraces fond
I’m sincerely grateful for all you have done for me
Nothing can ever replace this precious bond!

October 30, 2018

I'd rather


I'd rather enjoy my meal in peace than post a picture of the food online
I'd rather be my original self than scar with tattoos and piercings this body mine
I'd rather live in the moment than smoke up and in the alternate world get lost
I'd rather travel the world than blow money on the new iPhone’s cost

I'd rather share something meaningful than fill my posts with hashtags to appear cool
I'd rather have someone else take my pretty picture than in a weird selfie look like a fool
I'd rather make a real long term connection than hook up and walk away
I'd rather experience serendipity than be desperate with online dating I daresay

I'd rather do something productive than with Netflix just while away time
I'd rather create precious memories than on Instagram document stories of crime
I'd rather take beautiful photographs than use filters on Snapchat 
I'd rather read something sensible instead of having tweets fall flat

I'd rather enjoy the smell of a new book in my hand than on a kindle read
I'd rather live long and prosper than by smoking suffocate my lungs and bleed
I’d rather consume healthy beverages than get addicted to the caffeine blend
I’d rather admit my dislike for torn jeans and game of thrones than to like them pretend

I'd rather people like me for my simplicity than put on a slutty front in a pub
I'd rather enjoy a quiet dinner at home than go to a loud and sweaty nightclub
I'd rather be dressed in casual and comfortable wear than spend hours with make up
I'd rather have full control on my decisions than with a regretful hangover wake up

I'd rather get excited by little joys in life than behind instant gratification run
I'd rather deal with real life than get drunk and pretend to have fun
I'd rather be a simple old soul than pretend to love the things I detest
I'd rather be honest to myself than to meet expectations put up a front dishonest

July 10, 2018

Little sister of my own


A little girl, bright and well behaved
For a companion she really craved 
For a little sister of her own

Toys many but no one to play with
Friends many who had a sibling fifth
She too wanted a little sister of her own

"Why don't I have one?", she asked her mother
Prayed to god every night, not for a brother
But to give her a little sister of her own

They say God indeed works in mysterious ways
Soon her mother was expecting to everyone's amaze
She was excited to have a little sister of her own

The family elders were biased and wanted a boy
They were traditional and didn't know a girl's joy
But she strongly wanted a little sister of her own

She didn't care for their hopeless opinion
She wasn't going to become their minion
She wanted to have a little sister of her own

She dreamed of all the games she would play 
And all the fun she would have everyday
When she had a little sister of her own

She counted the days until she would see her
It was her strongest known desire ever
To have a little sister of her own

When it was finally time, she was against the elders
But with a smile, the gods answered her prayers
She was blessed with a little sister of her own

She felt on top of the world and was overjoyed
The elders wept with grief and were deeply annoyed
Her wish came true to have a little sister of her own

It felt like a magical power of the universe
She couldn't believe this miracle did traverse
She finally had a little sister of her own!

March 5, 2018

Fighting back


To all those who rejected me
To all those who put me down 
To all those who laughed at me
To all those who made me frown

To all those who didn't believe in me
To all those who thought I'm useless
To all those who didn't care for me 
To all those who exploited my weakness

To all those who insulted me
To all those who reduced my self esteem
To all those who walked all over me
To all those who shattered my dream

To all those who falsely accused me
To all those who made me cry 
To all those who were rude to me
To all those who didn't let me fly

I will soon use my potential to climb high
I will soon make you rethink your actions
I will soon make you want to live my life 
I will soon become one of your attractions

I will soon have you respect and admire me
I will soon make all this trouble worthwhile 
I will soon fight back and subside my restlessness 
I will soon taste success with a smile!!

July 24, 2017

A yearning for love

A yearning for love

With a yearning to be loved
Get pulled where love is promised
Can’t seem to survive without it
Hungry for love and to be kissed

Whether by family or beloved friends

Or by that special someone
Crave it more than anything else
Does prevent sanity's overrun 

Faith in humanity restored by love

Crazy emotion that keeps us going
Love gives strength when it gets tough
Evokes a special and blissful feeling 

People do crazy things for love

to be forgotten never, ever
Life else is but meaningless
purpose other, futile forever 

To be loved is a blessing

Bliss that binds us together
Puts things in right perspective
interpreted still differently by one another

Take a vow to spread love all around

What goes around does come back
In circle of life, it costs nigh, nothing
somebody somewhere might get back on track!

July 20, 2017

Happy Birthday Jyoti Masi


A loving mother and devoted wife
Ever so gorgeous and radiant as a queen
A passionate aunt and an affectionate sister
An inspiring role model you have always been

I’m extremely lucky to have a lovely masi like you
Always been pampered by you from early childhood
It’s no wonder I’ve grown up to be so fond of you
You have looked after me just like a mother would

You helped me experience my first trip abroad
To the United States, at a young age of six
With the heaps of goodies you always got for us
It brings back fond memories, fun and frolic intermix

You made my Sweet 16 so special in London
To ensure us a lovely trip, you went out of your way
With a warm loving nature, you do so much for all
Whether you are in USA, UK or even Bombay

You are a social butterfly with many varied interests
You like to plan in advance and be completely sure
Your family and friends mean the world to you
For travel and photography, you have a passion so pure

At every step of my dream for masters
You have been so supportive and encouraging
Your motivation and practical tips have really helped
To overcome obstacles that were quite challenging

You are my pillar of strength in ways unknown
You are always so smart, how I often wonder
I may not express it very often but I love you loads
You’ve made me believe, distance only makes us fonder!

April 23, 2017

Wish you were here


By entering our lives on this day
You instantly made it oh so wonderful
You had a loving nature and caring heart
You spread joyful warmth, twas so beautiful

I wish you were here today
To see how much people love you for real
To prove wrong the negativity in your mind
To save you from the terrible ordeal

You were always there for me
My partner in childhood crimes 
My pillar of strength as I grew up
My spirit guide for all the hard times

While missing you more with each passing day 
I wish you didn't make this choice 
I wish I knew your distress earlier 
I wish I could turn back time and rejoice

Although I know you are watching over us
I do hope you are in a happy place 
I do hope you are now at peace 
I do hope you always bless us with grace

As I sadly muse over our fond memories in tears
I really miss your reassuring presence
I miss your comforting words of solace
I realize no one can ever fill your absence!