November 6, 2011



As I walk down memory lane
A swarm of memories flash by
Of carefree days when life was simple
This reminiscence makes me deeply sigh

I miss those happy innocent days
When my dad was my only hero
When drinking meant chocolate milk
When failing meant getting a zero

When getting high meant on a swing
When dropping an ice cream was our deepest sorrow
When the only things broken were our toys
When goodbyes meant only till tomorrow

When love was mum’s hug
When getting hurt meant skinned knees
When cheating meant skipping numbers in hide and seek
When our worst enemies were our siblings

When blackmail meant throwing a tantrum
When running from cockroaches almost got us killed
When the only worry was completing home work
When crying got our wishes fulfilled

These were the blissful and memorable days
That have so soon turned into years
We don’t get to be a child again in life
We just remember the memories in silent tears!

September 25, 2011



Hey! Hey! Sheetu
I do love you
One of my best friends you are
And will always remain yaar

All those games of lagori we played
And those awesome memories we made
The long conversations we had
Have always made me very glad

It’s awesome to have a friend like you
Who’s been with me all through
Now as you turn 18 and step into adulthood
I’m hoping we’ll remain friends forever, touchwood

September 11, 2011

How many times?


How many times do we think of doing a good deed
Before suppressing the urge to satisfy our greed
How many times do we give up our meal
To a person whose been starving and may enjoy it with zeal
How many times do we express to our loved ones our gratitude
Before showering them with our don’t-care attitude

How many times do we perform a self-check
Before blaming others and pointing a sword at their neck
How many times do we reach out to help others
Who are facing life’s struggle alone without the support of any brothers
How many times do we take a moment out of our busy lives
To notice all around us people suffering in their individual hives

How many times do we save our relation with friends
By accepting the differences and in our behavior making amends
How many times do we think what is wrong and right
Before we choose the easy way and succumb to evil’s might
How many times do we this gift of life appreciate
Before complaining and blaming things on destiny and fate

How many times do we easily forgive and forget
Before letting our ego come in the way and make us all upset
How many times do we show respect, love and care
Before disgracing and putting down someone with an angry glare
How many times do we face every challenge with a smile
In this journey of life where we encounter problems after every mile

Life is beautiful yet it is short
Have no regrets whilst you are here
Be caring and humane to all around you
Live life to the fullest without any fear!

August 6, 2011

Blissful Drizzle


It's gonna rain it's gonna rain
Not a drop in the clouds remain
The sky is dark and its windy
I’m at home eating cotton candy

Raindrops fall near and far
Hail falls and scratches my car
Nothing can stop me from going out there
I wanna jump in the puddles everywhere

It reminds me of that day
When from college we went away
We ate and drank
And thought of people we could prank

Then suddenly it started raining!
It was accompanied by our joyful screaming!
We slid and jumped on the street
Till it stopped raining and dried our feet

Our moods were lifted by this rain
We acted crazy and went insane
What a fun filled day it was
Where our excitement did not pause

The rains bring back blissful memories
and erases all our worries
I feel a delight like no other
I cant wait to jump in another!

June 14, 2011



It often happens that sometimes in life
you come across a certain person
maybe a friend, a sibling, a companion, a lover
it could be anyone

You care so much about that person
and become really close to that special someone
with whom you share every little thing
a substitute for whom you can find none

With whom you talk to every single day
and together have loads of fun
you complete each other’s sentences
and predict their reactions before everyone

It’s bizarre that's what it is because
now your life completely revolves around them
This is what was missing in your life
the companionship of a person, whose a real gem!

April 13, 2011

Stepping into my twenties


In the winding path of life
I come across a new bend
my life takes a new turn
as my teenage years come to an end

The past 20 years have been really amazing
I have no complaints at all
sure i've had my share of ups and downs
but a stream of cherished memories overall!

I guess i have been really lucky to be blessed with
awesome parents and an unforgettable childhood
and came across some really nice people
who stuck by me in times that were bad and good!

Life is unexpected and full of surprises
I dunno what's in store for me
but yet i'm super excited to turn 20
and i wanna shout out with glee!

March 24, 2011

I miss you


I miss the sound of your laughter
I really miss your presence
I miss your comforting hugs
No one can fill your absence...

Tears fall down my cheeks
As I remember all the fun we had
I reminisce the times we had together
& it just makes me so sad...

You promised that you would always be around
To share my sorrow and double my happiness
But you've gone far away from me
& left me alone in distress!

Why did you have to go away?
Come back and fill this void
I really miss you by my side
Only your return can make me overjoyed!

March 14, 2011



About football he is crazy
But at times very lazy
He simply can’t threaten anyone
To hang out with, he is super fun

Whether night or day
Any sport he’s ready to play
When he sees a chakka he runs super fast
As though a bomb did just blast

As simply loves cars and bikes
Go karting and paintballing a lot he likes
Doesn’t like wearing a watch
But movies he loves to watch

He loves eating bhindi
It’s damn funny when he speakes in hindi
Loves listening to rock music
Sometimes deserves a nice hard kick

He simply adores dogs
More than often big time he hogs
He gets bored very easily
Can’t handle a lot of chilli

He’s a damn chilled out dude
But when he’s pissed he can be very rude
Gets super excited when it does rain
A true baldwinian for life he will remain

Sometimes he acts really childish
Never known a guy who is so ticklish
At times is so very restless
What prank he’ll play next, you can’t guess

He can talk non-stop alright
Has a bit of stage-fright
At times he’s annoying like a zoo-zoo
But still we love you loads LULU!

February 14, 2011

Silent Misery


I met a little girl who was always seen smiling
She seemed jolly and a lot of fun
But no one knew of the pain in her heart
Which she hid from everyone

She felt lonely and miserable
And cried herself to sleep every night
But she was seen to be very contented
And no one thought something isn’t right

She despised her life a lot
And often put herself down
But she never complained about anything
And never caused anyone to frown

No one saw the sadness in her eyes
Or the fake smile she gave
They only saw them glisten with happiness
With a twinkle that made them crave

She did not realize her own worth
Or how much people admired her
She continued to hide her pain
And plot her own murder!

February 11, 2011



Have you ever felt like this
when something holds you back
you wanna do what your mind tells you
but somehow the courage you lack

You start to wonder about
the consequence of your action
what people might think of you
and what might be their reaction

You cant be yourself
you start losing your self confidence
you feel hindered for some reason
and you behave with caution and hesitance

You wanna become more outgoing
you wanna climb out of this inhibiting shell
so go ahead and lose your inhibitions
don't care about anyone or what they tell!

January 4, 2011

25th anniversary - mamaji


(For Mamaji and Mamiji)

सुनो सुनो मिली है खबर
आज है 25 सालगिरा का अवसर
बेगम साहिबा और नवाब
की जोड़ी है लाजवाब

लखो में एक है हमारे भैया
खुश नसीब हो भाभी, ये है आपके सैया
25 साल पहले रेखा भाभी ने पाया अपना वर
उन्होने कदम रखे थे तिबरेवला खानदान के घर

भैया को मिला था शादी का पेगाम
हमारी सुंदर भाभी हुई थी उनके नाम
हुई थी उनकी शादी में बहुत धूम धाम
और इसलिए आज की शाम, भैया और भाभी के नाम

Suno suno mili hai khabar
Aaj hai 25 saalgira ka avsar
Begum sahiba aur nawab
Ki Jodi hai lajawaab

Lakho mein ek hai hamare bhaiya
Khush naseeb ho bhabhi ye hai aapke saiya
25 saal pehle rekha bhabhi ne paya apna var
Unhone kadam rakhe the tibrewala khandaan ke ghar

Bhaiya ko mila tha shaadi ka pegaam
Hamari sundar bhabhi hui thi unke naam
Hui thi unki shaadi mein bahut dhoom dhaam
Aur isliye aaj ki sham, bhaiya aur bhabhi ke naam