October 30, 2015

A Free Soul's Plea


We are in that stage of life
Where we are expected to settle down
To get married to a stranger and
If we do argue, society does frown

Is marriage the ultimate aim of life?
Do we have no identity of our own?
What kind of absurd ritual this is where
We have to forcefully move out of our hometown?

All our lives you told us to be careful
To avoid hanging out with boys and be alert
Now suddenly you want us to sleep with a stranger
Regardless of the consequences, if we get hurt

How can you just let us go suddenly?
After bringing us up for more than 20 years
Why do we have to start our lives all over?
& give up all our beliefs and choices in silent tears

Our unmarried existence feels like a heavy burden
Our freedom is being snatched away like a blind man’s sight
It feels like our career and dreams have no value
How is this fair? How is this right?

Don’t be so traditional, times are changing
Stop getting so obsessed with match making
Let us live life our way and stop judging
Being independent is not a poor way of living

Quit forcing us to find a companion
We do not need a man to complete our life
We want to establish our own brand value
And not only be referred to as someone’s wife

We do not wish to become a maid in someone’s house
And get stuck in the kitchen all day
Give us a chance to pursue our passions
Stop worrying about what others might say

Pause the mad rush of finding the right guy
Don’t expect us to accept traditions like you did
We are different souls, we need our freedom
It’s not your place to nag us about having a kid

It’s hard to leave behind everything we grew up with
Unlike olden days, your arguments don’t make sense to us
Not all of us may be okay with the concept of marriage
Put an end to this crazy obsession and all the fuss!