December 22, 2016

Little Joys


A walk in the rain
To wash away my pain
On a mountain top stargazing
Instant friendships are amazing
Ticking items on my bucket list
Unexpected wins with a twist

The ocean waves at my feet
My favorite song on repeat
Perfect photographs in a new outfit
Fun adventures on a night moonlit
Watching the clouds shape shifting
Random acts of kindness uplifting

Snug fit jeans are world class
While walking barefoot on the grass
Watching the beautiful sunset
and nibbling my favorite chocolate
Crisp clean pages of a new book
Good karma that I overlook

Tears from laughing too hard
Birthday wishes and handmade cards
Long conversations on the phone
Smile from a stranger unknown
Cuddling together when it’s cold
Reminiscing with photographs old

Long tight hugs until I swoon
Bursting bubble wrap all afternoon
Planning long road trips maybe
Sleeping blissfully like a baby
Waking up to a loved one’s message
A genuine thank you does assuage

Fortune cookies and ice creams
Handwritten letters and good dreams
Happy memories and compliments
Piggy back rides and surprise presents
Jigsaw puzzles and playground swings
These are a few of my favorite things!



You park your car wherever you want
Without caring that others are troubled
You litter on the roadside
The street cleaners’ job is doubled

You aren’t scared of the law
You bribe and get your way
You commit crimes yet don’t get caught
And leave the innocent in dismay

You don’t do anything fruitful
But only crib, blame and complain
You are inept and neglect your work
Because you are selfish and vain
It’s time you do your bit for the nation
And make this a better place
Fill your hollow heart with sincerity
To benefit the human race!



How much longer must I float? 
it's been so long already 
When will I get answers? 
that will make me steady

With eyes full of questions 
and dreams filling my heart
I look into the future 
to give me a head start

With no aim or definite goal
I’m stumbling in the dark
Need this trepidation to go away
so I can make my mark

The present brings no joy
I am losing my essence and identity
Without a purpose I’m hollow
maybe I need serendipity

This was never my plan
it's gone horribly wrong 
All the hard work seems futile
that I had put in for so long

By this time I had hoped to
accomplish so much more
But I'm back to square one 
and It's shaken up my core

I don't have the strength
to make choices or decide 
I don't know which way to go 
with no one walking beside

Perhaps soon the dark clouds 
will clear and show the light 
Perhaps soon the negativity 
will dissolve from my sight…

December 19, 2016

Restless sensations


A growing restlessness
taking ahold of me on its own
It’s trying to pull me away
in directions unknown

Neither here nor there
do I wish to stay
Neither this nor that
do I want to do today

Should I go with the flow?
or walk away
Should I listen to my gut?
or hold on and sway

A weird sensation
beyond my reigns of control
Gratitude slowly wearing off
and frustration rising in my soul 

November 17, 2016

When someone...


Life is beautiful and becomes worth living
When someone genuinely asks how your day went
When someone you haven’t seen in long remembers you
When someone defends you in an argument

When someone is excited to see you
When someone takes care of you when you’re sick
When someone unexpectedly surprises you
When someone a good picture of you does click

When someone says they’re proud of you
When someone tells you smell nice
When someone dreams about you
When someone benefits from your advice

When someone tells they missed you
When someone remembers your birthday
When someone goes out of their way to help you
When someone tells you’ve made their day

When someone cute is caught staring at you
When someone remembers the little things you said
When someone is your crush and messages you
When someone kisses you on the forehead

When someone smiles because of you
When someone wants to take with you a photograph
When someone holds the door for you
When someone likes the sound of your laugh

When someone genuinely compliments you
When someone notices you’re feeling low
When someone is as excited about something as you
When someone hugs you and doesn't let go

When someone really cares for you
When someone has the same interests that you adore
When someone picks up something dropped by you
When someone you love, loves you more!

September 4, 2016



A strange calling
A sense of belonging 
A purpose to living
A reason for being

Belief in fate unwavering 
Understanding the mystery
Universe giving signs
Satisfying conscious anxiety 

Future appearing unclear
Indefinite enigma rising
Experiencing much apprehension
Serendipity not surprising

Intuition guiding along
Restlessness taking a hold
Searching for inner quest 
Watching destiny unfold!

September 1, 2016



I am walking alone
Getting closer each day
To finding my ikigai
And fulfilling my purpose on the way

Destiny has something rare in store for me
My likes and dislikes are unique
My preferences are known to me alone
And my weird complexities arouse mystique

With a vision in my mind
And ambition oozing from my soul
I dare to design my dream
And see it come true as a whole

No one can ever understand me
In recluse I aim for my next milestone
No one can help me because
This is a journey I have to walk on my own

From my loved ones and well wishers
I may receive help from time to time
But it’s up to me to reach my goal
And satisfy my inner quest in this lifetime

At times I feel troubled and scared
To walk on this journey in isolation
Especially when faced with obstacles
I am filled with helplessness and frustration

But then I reach out within myself
To gather the courage and keep going
And beyond my wildest imagination
I realize I do have strength overflowing

I know it’s going to be worth it soon
And someday it will all make sense
Till then I am going to enjoy the journey
Without focusing on the future tense!

August 26, 2016

Laud while you can


While he was alive
They belittled him for every little quest
Always pointed out his little flaws
And expected him to be the best

Very rarely did they ever appreciate
His unique talent and good heart 
Never realizing how much it affected him
How his confidence and self esteem fell apart

Thoughts of not being good enough
Proliferated his mind to a great extent
He lost the courage to face the world
Ending his life seemed like an easier lament

He left a void forever in their hearts
Forcing them to always live with regret
Such a dear price to pay in life
A lesson taught to change their mindset

If only they had told him
That he was God’s greatest gift
If only they had appreciated his kind nature
While he was around and made the shift

Maybe then he could have received help
And gone on to accomplish greater heights
Maybe he wouldn't have taken the drastic step
And have us pay homage at his last rites

Soon after, people shared their wonderful memories
And with a flood of praises, they complimented him
It was disheartening to see how so many people
Cared for him and he really didn’t have to be grim

How I wish they lauded him while he was alive
Rather than give a eulogy at his funeral, nay
It would have given him an ever-lasting joy
And he would still be with us today!

July 26, 2016

Waiting for you


How much longer do I have to wait?
Before you enter my life for real
You have been teasing me with glimpses
For a really long time now, what’s the deal?

Stop sending a part of your soul into my life
Enter my life once and for all to convince
I am losing my patience to meet you
My soul mate, my perfect prince

Every time I think it's you and feel ecstatic
But I lose control and end up getting rejected 
How many times do I have to let you go?
Before I have you in my arms & not feel dejected

You are everything I ever dreamed of
You are better than the previous one, its true
Don't break my heart so many times
That I lose the ability to finally accept you

You have had your share of fun now
And I have had my share of pain
Please just reveal your true self to me now
Don’t let this entire wait go in vain

You know how perfect we are going to be together
What is keeping you away for so long?
Walk into my life and make my wishes come true
This heart’s yearning is becoming really strong

Just take a moment to imagine
All the infinite fun we shall have together
Never will another moment in life be dull
Like yin and yang, we will complement each other

You know I can't belong to anyone else now
Another moment without you, I want to live never
Come and rescue me from this solitude
So that we can create memories to cherish forever...

July 25, 2016



Every time I try to cut you out
You only seem to get closer to me, I find
I keep myself super busy all day long
So that thoughts of you don’t cross my mind

I tried to find reasons to hate you
Looked for excuses to get angry and mad
Ultimately failed as I found none
Couldn’t blame you though I wanted to real bad

Someday I will get over you and maybe laugh
That I fell for you and tried to flatter
But until then it’s really hard for me to let go
And pretend that it just doesn’t matter

I feel sure you came into my life for a reason
Probably it isn’t clear to me yet
But someday it will all make sense
And make it worthwhile that we met…

May 23, 2016

Mesmerizing Mountains Calling


I wanted to go on a Himalayan trek for the longest time
to experience the wondrous beauty and the freezing cold
I booked the Kedarkantha summit trek with Indiahikes
After convincing my family to let me go solo and be bold

This trip would give me the solitude to sort out my head
It would allow me to travel solo and mingle with strangers
I wanted a break from the boiling Bangalore summer heat
and bring back the old energetic me through new adventures

From Delhi, I traveled to Dehradun and met our trek group
After introductions, we started for Sankri on our long road ride
Got to know everybody better over breakfast and lunch
Witnessed a beautiful rainbow & even stopped by the riverside

We were welcomed at Sankri with a sudden drop in mercury
After initial briefing, our trek leader advised some rest
We slept soundly and ecstatically started trekking next morning
Amidst gorgeous views, our stamina level was put to test

We ascended from 6455 ft to 9100 ft with many short breaks
And managed to reach Juda ka Talab, our first camp site
We took in the breathtaking view of the tents by the lake
With mixed feelings of hunger, accomplishment and delight

After having delicious lunch, we enjoyed playing Frisbee
With team games & crazy walks, the day soon passed by
Loved star gazing while sleeping on the grass at night
Inside the tent, snuggled up cozily in sleeping bag with a sigh

Next day we started the short trek to the KK base camp
All the way surrounded by beautiful backdrop of snow caps
The sunset was fabulous against mesmerizing mountain views
Played numerous fun-filled games and took countless snaps

At 3 am we started our ascend to the KedarKantha peak
Wrapped up in layers and our torches shining bright
We slowly trekked up along the ridges against the cold wind
Saw the most beautiful sunrise at the crack of daylight

The peak approached near, yet stood tall and mighty
Slow and steady, we helped each other hike up the way
We came across patches of snow and felt the adrenaline rush
Finally reached the mountain summit and screamed out yay!

With a sense of victory, we relaxed at 12500 feet up top
Relished delicious parathas and captured the moments historic
Soon after we started the descend which was a little tricky
Did snow sliding along the way, felt energized and euphoric

Exhausted after the long trek, we relaxed and had lunch
Soon after we descended to Hargaon, our final camp site
We enjoyed playing Lagori, Cricket, Cards and Dumb Charades
Couldn’t get enough of the fantastic star gazing at night

Next day we returned to Sankri while singing with joy
Received our certificates after a much awaited hot shower
Everybody shared their trek and summit climb experience
Applauded our team spirit and the doctor duo's healing power

In few days, we had all bonded well and become so close
To part ways & return to urban routine felt like a sad crime
We all headed home with fabulous memories to cherish forever
It had indeed been a wonderful experience of a lifetime!!