December 11, 2022

Walking away


Was it all a lie?
Did you ever care about me at all?
Did you just make false promises?
Did you want to be in for the long haul?

You moved on so easily
You never expressed your discontent
You never planned for our future
You never understood my excitement

You were always uncertain
You didn't feel attached to me
You didn't feel I was good enough
You didn't share your feelings with me

You couldn't face your fears
I wish we made it work in advance
I wish you didn't walk away so easily
I wish you actually gave me a chance

You don't feel the pain
I wish I could finally move on 
I wish I could be mad at you
I wish I could forget our memories bygone

We could have had a beautiful life
You will regret it someday
You made the wrong decision but
You won't realize your loss right away!