May 23, 2016

Mesmerizing Mountains Calling


I wanted to go on a Himalayan trek for the longest time
to experience the wondrous beauty and the freezing cold
I booked the Kedarkantha summit trek with Indiahikes
After convincing my family to let me go solo and be bold

This trip would give me the solitude to sort out my head
It would allow me to travel solo and mingle with strangers
I wanted a break from the boiling Bangalore summer heat
and bring back the old energetic me through new adventures

From Delhi, I traveled to Dehradun and met our trek group
After introductions, we started for Sankri on our long road ride
Got to know everybody better over breakfast and lunch
Witnessed a beautiful rainbow & even stopped by the riverside

We were welcomed at Sankri with a sudden drop in mercury
After initial briefing, our trek leader advised some rest
We slept soundly and ecstatically started trekking next morning
Amidst gorgeous views, our stamina level was put to test

We ascended from 6455 ft to 9100 ft with many short breaks
And managed to reach Juda ka Talab, our first camp site
We took in the breathtaking view of the tents by the lake
With mixed feelings of hunger, accomplishment and delight

After having delicious lunch, we enjoyed playing Frisbee
With team games & crazy walks, the day soon passed by
Loved star gazing while sleeping on the grass at night
Inside the tent, snuggled up cozily in sleeping bag with a sigh

Next day we started the short trek to the KK base camp
All the way surrounded by beautiful backdrop of snow caps
The sunset was fabulous against mesmerizing mountain views
Played numerous fun-filled games and took countless snaps

At 3 am we started our ascend to the KedarKantha peak
Wrapped up in layers and our torches shining bright
We slowly trekked up along the ridges against the cold wind
Saw the most beautiful sunrise at the crack of daylight

The peak approached near, yet stood tall and mighty
Slow and steady, we helped each other hike up the way
We came across patches of snow and felt the adrenaline rush
Finally reached the mountain summit and screamed out yay!

With a sense of victory, we relaxed at 12500 feet up top
Relished delicious parathas and captured the moments historic
Soon after we started the descend which was a little tricky
Did snow sliding along the way, felt energized and euphoric

Exhausted after the long trek, we relaxed and had lunch
Soon after we descended to Hargaon, our final camp site
We enjoyed playing Lagori, Cricket, Cards and Dumb Charades
Couldn’t get enough of the fantastic star gazing at night

Next day we returned to Sankri while singing with joy
Received our certificates after a much awaited hot shower
Everybody shared their trek and summit climb experience
Applauded our team spirit and the doctor duo's healing power

In few days, we had all bonded well and become so close
To part ways & return to urban routine felt like a sad crime
We all headed home with fabulous memories to cherish forever
It had indeed been a wonderful experience of a lifetime!!