December 12, 2008

Mother of mine


You are kind and loving
and sweet and caring
you are beautiful and smart
you have a loving heart
you make all my wishes come true
I don’t know what I would do without you
you made me who I am today
by always guilding me along my way

You do so much for us
and never ever make a fuss
all those pains you endured
and never once complained
you always put us first
and quench our thirst
you go through so much pain
all for our gain

When I was young you taught me to walk
and then I even started to talk
you used to wake me up every morning
and help me with H.W. every evening
you taught me to read
and helped me in every deed
you made my childhood memorable
and all those moments unforgettable

You cook us delicious food
to uplift the mood
whenever I do shout
you come and help me out
you take care of me when I’m sick
and help me make a recovery quick
you keep this house running
with that lovely smile– ah charming!!!

You always encourage me
no matter how impossible it may be
you forgive me if I do something wrong
even if it takes you a little long
you guide me to what is right
like a beacon shining bright
you understand me the best
and keep me happy in our nest

Into this world you brought me
for this, thankful I always will be
you made all my wishes come true
I could never have a better mother than you
You brought me into this world
you treat me more valuable than gold
born out of your womb
will remain your daughter till I reach my tomb!

Dear, mother of mine
you know where to draw the line
but sometimes you get very angry
and shout at me which makes me cry
you consoled me when I cried
to keep me happy you always tried
you give me so much joy and happiness
to express my gratitude, words are less

You cook for us day and night
you stop me when I’m about to fight
when I’m sad you hug me tight
that’s when my heart feels light
I do not often express it
nor ever show it
but I do care for you a lot
as you are the best friend I have got!