November 26, 2010



Have you ever had that feeling of happiness?
when you are enveloped by exhilaration
when you feel you are in seventh heaven
when your body is tingling with elation

When you feel you can do anything
when you jump with ecstasy
when you know no boundaries
when there are no limits of extremacy

When you are full of enthusiasm
when you feel you are in paradise
when you want to follow your heart
when you don't stop to think twice

When your spirits are soaring high
when you are so full of zest
when your deepest passion resurfaces
when on cloud nine you finally rest

When you love the world you are living in
when you just can't stop smiling
when you want to hug everybody and
pass on this joy to every being!

September 19, 2010

Which way to go?


You're standing at a cross-road
you don't know what to do
You have no clue as to
which way to go

You've never been more confused
as to which way to choose
Your head is heavy and messed up
as though it were blown like a fuse

If you choose the wrong path now
you could be lost forever
You'd have regrets always because
this time would come back never

You need to make up your mind soon
the right path would lead you to success
the wrong one could ruin your life and
leave you feeling defeated and powerless!

August 19, 2010



When she stole a first glance
she couldn't look away
She stared at him more and more
with each passing day

At rare times when he spoke to her
she started stammering and felt shy
Her heart started beating fast
she couldn't understand why

She didn't want him to think she was dumb
she wanted to know him better
But she made a fool of herself
every time he came in front of her

His entire face lit up when he smiled
he looked cute in whatever he wore
He was well liked by everybody
whenever she saw him, her spirits would soar!

She realised she was falling in love with him
she couldn't control her feelings anymore
She approached him to confess her love
took a deep breath and counted to four

He turned around and flashed her a dazzling smile
said you're the only one who can help me
A tear dropped down her cheek when he said
I'm in love with your dear friend, 'Annie' !!!



मेरा भैया है बहुत प्यारा
और है सबसे न्यारा
मेरा बहुत ख़याल रखते है
मुझसे बहुत प्यार करते है

रखते है खुश अपनी बहना को
मेरी हर ख्वाइश पूरी करते है वो
दिल के है बहुत अच्छे
और मन के है सच्चे

किसी चीज़ के लिए हूमे ना नही कहते
माँगे पूरी करने के लिए हमेशा तयार रहते
भैया का प्यार जैसा और कुछ नही
मेरा प्यारा भैया जैसा और कोई नही

Mera bhaiya hai bahut pyara
Aur hai sabse nyara
Mera bahut khayal rakhte hai
Mujhse bahut pyar karte hai

Rakhte hai khush apni behna ko
Meri har khwaish puri karte hai vo
Dil ke hai bahut achche
Aur mann ke hai sachche

Kisi cheez ke liye hume na nahi kehte
Mange puri karne ke liye hamesha tayaar rehte
Bhaiya ka pyar jaisa aur kuch nahi
Mera pyara bhaiya jaisa aur koi nahi

August 1, 2010

True friend


You are a true friend and a real treasure
whose company gives immense pleasure
A huge difference in my life you've made
with every little thing done or said

Some great and wonderful times we've had
when we acted crazy and totally mad
together we are excited and full of zest
we've shared the worst and the best

Times spent with you are so memorable
each moment is unforgettable
you are very, very special to me
hope we forever, best of friends be!

July 18, 2010

The little child


The little child looks at the world
with wonder in his eye
He is an innocent little fellow
yet always curious to know why

The little child is very naughty
a real mischievous creature
He lives life on his own terms
without worrying about the future

The little child fears the unknown
and if he's hurt, he starts crying
But he doesn't brood on it for long
with glee he soon starts laughing

The little child wants to live his dreams
he's stubborn to have his demands met
He wants things to happen his way
nothing seems impossible to him yet

How much ever we may deny it
inside all of us resides a little child
Don't be in a hurry to grow old
don't let the little child in you become mild!

May 19, 2010

Drops of Joy


A strong breeze begins to blow
The bright yellow sun ceases to glow
The trees sway from side to side
The blue sky, dark grey clouds hide

A stroke of lightning tears apart the sky
The plants and flowers stretch out high
A loud rumble of thunder is heard soon after
The air is full of animals and birds' laughter

The first few drops of rain start falling
In no time at all it's drizzling
Buckets of water are dropping faster and faster
And soon it begins to pour much harder

The weather is pleasant and it's a lovely scene
To get fully drenched, I've never been so keen
I want to jump in the puddles up and down
And dance in the rain without a frown

The air is cool as it's never been
The trees and plants appear lush green
The scent of the wet soil is very sweet
The air is now devoid of dust and heat

Amidst all this we see another pretty sight
The lovely rainbow stretching across with all its might
The monsoons make me happy and full of joy
It makes me wanna scream, oh boy! Oh boy!

February 2, 2010

Fading away


Memories of the past are fading away
To hold onto them I try
All that remains now is a blurry haze
This really makes me cry

As I sit and think back
To re-live those times I wish
Those moments of innocent happiness
Every little memory I still cherish

I wish I could go back in time
And live those days again
When I had no worries
No tension and no pain

I really miss those days
Filled with laughter and fun
Thinking back brings tears now
Coz those days will never return

I can’t have those days back
As they are all in the past
I don’t want to lose these memories
Don’t want them fading away fast!

January 2, 2010

A tiny ray of hope


Sometimes hope is all you can do
to make everything turn out right
to reach the end of the tunnel
which is blazing with light

When you feel everything is lost
hope guides you along the way
you are not doomed yet because
after each night comes a new day

A tiny ray of hope is enough
to rekindle within us
courage and strength
that leads us to success

Hope is what keeps us going
through times that are hard and bad
gives us that extra boost
and brings a smile upon the sad

Some people are living today
because of the hope that at long last
there’s gonna be a better tomorrow
which will wipe away the sorrows of the past

Hope is like a candle lit in the dark
a beacon shining bright
a smile on a tearful face
a falling star on a dark night

When you really want something
to happen at any cost
keep the hope alive
and nothing will be lost

Hope instills in us a belief
that we can be real achievers
don’t ever lose hope because
it can perform wonders!!!