October 30, 2018

I'd rather


I'd rather enjoy my meal in peace than post a picture of the food online
I'd rather be my original self than scar with tattoos and piercings this body of mine
I'd rather live in the moment than smoke up and in the alternate world get lost
I'd rather travel the world than blow money on the new iPhone’s cost

I'd rather share something meaningful than fill my posts with hashtags to appear cool
I'd rather have someone else take my pretty picture than in a weird selfie look like a fool
I'd rather make a real long term connection than hook up and walk away
I'd rather experience serendipity than be desperate with online dating I daresay

I'd rather do something productive than with Netflix just while away time
I'd rather create precious memories than on Instagram document stories of crime
I'd rather take beautiful photographs than use filters on Snapchat 
I'd rather read something sensible instead of having tweets fall flat

I'd rather enjoy the smell of a new book in my hand than on a kindle read
I'd rather live long and prosper than by smoking suffocate my lungs and bleed
I’d rather consume healthy beverages than get addicted to the caffeine blend
I’d rather admit my dislike for torn jeans and game of thrones than to like them pretend

I'd rather people like me for my simplicity than put on a slutty front in a pub
I'd rather enjoy a quiet dinner at home than go to a loud and sweaty nightclub
I'd rather be dressed in casual and comfortable wear than spend hours with make up
I'd rather have full control on my decisions than with a regretful hangover wake up

I'd rather get excited by little joys in life than behind instant gratification run
I'd rather deal with real life than get drunk and pretend to have fun
I'd rather be a simple old soul than pretend to love the things I detest
I'd rather be honest to myself than to meet expectations put up a front dishonest


  1. It is beautiful cheru.....
    Dripping with honesty & wisdom gained through life experiences....
    I am so proud of you dear for declaring this to the world

  2. Hi Cherisha , loved the poem - glad to see the deep introspection. Wishing you loads of knowledge and wisdom to think and write such beautiful poems .

  3. Wisdo of the mind spoken thru the heart.... Very well articulated cherisha.. Waiting for more from you..love

  4. Simple and straight, the poem clearly reflects you!! šŸ˜šŸ‘Œ stay blessed and keep writing..

  5. Thank you for the positive and encouraging words of feedback :)