January 2, 2010

A tiny ray of hope


Sometimes hope is all you can do
to make everything turn out right
to reach the end of the tunnel
which is blazing with light

When you feel everything is lost
hope guides you along the way
you are not doomed yet because
after each night comes a new day

A tiny ray of hope is enough
to rekindle within us
courage and strength
that leads us to success

Hope is what keeps us going
through times that are hard and bad
gives us that extra boost
and brings a smile upon the sad

Some people are living today
because of the hope that at long last
there’s gonna be a better tomorrow
which will wipe away the sorrows of the past

Hope is like a candle lit in the dark
a beacon shining bright
a smile on a tearful face
a falling star on a dark night

When you really want something
to happen at any cost
keep the hope alive
and nothing will be lost

Hope instills in us a belief
that we can be real achievers
don’t ever lose hope because
it can perform wonders!!!