November 26, 2010



Have you ever had that feeling of happiness?
when you are enveloped by exhilaration
when you feel you are in seventh heaven
when your body is tingling with elation

When you feel you can do anything
when you jump with ecstasy
when you know no boundaries
when there are no limits of extremacy

When you are full of enthusiasm
when you feel you are in paradise
when you want to follow your heart
when you don't stop to think twice

When your spirits are soaring high
when you are so full of zest
when your deepest passion resurfaces
when on cloud nine you finally rest

When you love the world you are living in
when you just can't stop smiling
when you want to hug everybody and
pass on this joy to every being!


  1. hey mines the 1st comment!! brilliant cherry!!! :-D

  2. thanks meghana...:):)
    n whoz dis anonymous??

  3. u must have been in that awesomely-wow mood when u wrote this :D

  4. haha yea...i was feeling sooo happy tat time...dunno why...:P

  5. this comment is not only for this. pleaseee do something to your background and make them more attractive!1

  6. this is a template im using and its designed in a particular way i cant make any changes to that sry !! i'll have to use another template then...i'll switch later maybe now im happy with dis one :)

  7. so u cant change the color or put more pics as background???????????

  8. the background white colour i cant...:(