March 14, 2011



About football he is crazy
But at times very lazy
He simply can’t threaten anyone
To hang out with, he is super fun

Whether night or day
Any sport he’s ready to play
When he sees a chakka he runs super fast
As though a bomb did just blast

As simply loves cars and bikes
Go karting and paintballing a lot he likes
Doesn’t like wearing a watch
But movies he loves to watch

He loves eating bhindi
It’s damn funny when he speakes in hindi
Loves listening to rock music
Sometimes deserves a nice hard kick

He simply adores dogs
More than often big time he hogs
He gets bored very easily
Can’t handle a lot of chilli

He’s a damn chilled out dude
But when he’s pissed he can be very rude
Gets super excited when it does rain
A true baldwinian for life he will remain

Sometimes he acts really childish
Never known a guy who is so ticklish
At times is so very restless
What prank he’ll play next, you can’t guess

He can talk non-stop alright
Has a bit of stage-fright
At times he’s annoying like a zoo-zoo
But still we love you loads LULU!

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