April 13, 2011

Stepping into my twenties


In the winding path of life
I come across a new bend
my life takes a new turn
as my teenage years come to an end

The past 20 years have been really amazing
I have no complaints at all
sure i've had my share of ups and downs
but a stream of cherished memories overall!

I guess i have been really lucky to be blessed with
awesome parents and an unforgettable childhood
and came across some really nice people
who stuck by me in times that were bad and good!

Life is unexpected and full of surprises
I dunno what's in store for me
but yet i'm super excited to turn 20
and i wanna shout out with glee!


  1. considering how being 20 started off .. its gonna go great! :D

  2. i know!!!!!! :):) its been reli gr8 so far!! :) n u had a big role to play in it too!! :)

  3. coolllllllll u put a pic!!!! i dont think u meant the last para,did u ? and anyways I cant really comment u know cause i have no experiencs!!!!:)

  4. yea i love dis pic!!!! :) of course i meant it...i mean every word of tat poem...any poem for tat matter...n yes tats very true...u'll reli appreciate this poem wen ur abt to turn 20...read it again tat time :):)

  5. ya hope i remember to read it and anyways it sounds interesting...... and i still dont believe the last 2 lines i mean,like u will SHOUT with glee AND I THOUGHT U DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE YOUR TEENS AGE AND BECOME ADULTS?????????????

  6. yea obv im sad tat im not a teenager anymore...but life doesnt stop der now does it??? everyday we're getting older and we just hav to make the most of life!! :) tats the art of living dear :P