March 19, 2013

You were my everything


You wiped my tears when I was sad
You endured my anger when I got mad
You comforted me when I was down
You made me smile when I had a frown

You were always so understanding and kind
You were smart with a brilliant mind
You taught me the right attitude of living
You were always so loving, caring and giving

You were always patient when I got cranky
You tolerated spice when I ordered a franky
You made me happy when I got senti
You gave me amazing memories in plenty

You appreciated every little thing I had done
You made just hanging out so much fun
You were so adorable when you played with dogs
You were so encouraging about my blogs

You never said no when I asked for anything
You were so helpful with everything
You never shouted at me or raised your voice
You never made a fuss unlike other boys

You liked my new clothes and looks
You had an amazing choice of movies and books
You made me watch amazing TV shows
You laughed at my fake head tilt pose

You got me excited for even small and silly stuff
You supported me when times got tough
You inspired me to get a job
You consoled me when I started to sob

You never blamed me for anything all these years
You gave me strength to forget all my fears
You never put me down or been rude
You tolerated me every possible mood

You loved me despite our many a fight
You held me close and hugged me tight
You always protected me and put my safety first
You never let my dream bubbles burst

You always wanted to take me everywhere
You missed my presence when I wasn’t there
You made my birthdays extra memorable
You got me gifts that were so adorable

You are my BMW buddy and will always be
You will always be so special to me
You were the best and most amazing bf ever
You will be cherished by me forever…

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