July 24, 2017

A yearning for love


With a yearning to be loved
Get pulled where love is promised
Can’t seem to survive without it
Hungry for love and to be kissed

Whether by family or beloved friends

Or by that special someone
Crave it more than anything else
Does prevent sanity's overrun 

Faith in humanity restored by love

Crazy emotion that keeps us going
Love gives strength when it gets tough
Evokes a special and blissful feeling 

People do crazy things for love

to be forgotten never, ever
Life else is but meaningless
purpose other, futile forever 

To be loved is a blessing

Bliss that binds us together
Puts things in right perspective
interpreted still differently by one another

Take a vow to spread love all around

What goes around does come back
In circle of life, it costs nigh, nothing
somebody somewhere might get back on track!

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