December 22, 2016

Little Joys


A walk in the rain
To wash away my pain
On a mountain top stargazing
Instant friendships are amazing
Ticking items on my bucket list
Unexpected wins with a twist

The ocean waves at my feet
My favorite song on repeat
Perfect photographs in a new outfit
Fun adventures on a night moonlit
Watching the clouds shape shifting
Random acts of kindness uplifting

Snug fit jeans are world class
While walking barefoot on the grass
Watching the beautiful sunset
and nibbling my favorite chocolate
Crisp clean pages of a new book
Good karma that I overlook

Tears from laughing too hard
Birthday wishes and handmade cards
Long conversations on the phone
Smile from a stranger unknown
Cuddling together when it’s cold
Reminiscing with photographs old

Long tight hugs until I swoon
Bursting bubble wrap all afternoon
Planning long road trips maybe
Sleeping blissfully like a baby
Waking up to a loved one’s message
A genuine thank you does assuage

Fortune cookies and ice creams
Handwritten letters and good dreams
Happy memories and compliments
Piggy back rides and surprise presents
Jigsaw puzzles and playground swings
These are a few of my favorite things!

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