August 19, 2010



When she stole a first glance
she couldn't look away
She stared at him more and more
with each passing day

At rare times when he spoke to her
she started stammering and felt shy
Her heart started beating fast
she couldn't understand why

She didn't want him to think she was dumb
she wanted to know him better
But she made a fool of herself
every time he came in front of her

His entire face lit up when he smiled
he looked cute in whatever he wore
He was well liked by everybody
whenever she saw him, her spirits would soar!

She realised she was falling in love with him
she couldn't control her feelings anymore
She approached him to confess her love
took a deep breath and counted to four

He turned around and flashed her a dazzling smile
said you're the only one who can help me
A tear dropped down her cheek when he said
I'm in love with your dear friend, 'Annie' !!!