January 26, 2014



For 8 years I was an only child
Not wild but quite mild
I felt lonely and incomplete
A companion or sibling I wanted to meet

I prayed to God every night
And hoped my wish fulfill he might
To give me a little sister of my own
So that I may never feel alone

In God, mom told to have faith
To be patient and to wait
On republic day 1999, my wish came true
Into this world came my little sister, my babu

I was so excited and overjoyed
There was no longer any void
My happiness knew no bounds
As I listened to the cute bundle’s sounds

It was like I had a real life toy
Who I could feed, bathe and annoy
I was keen to take care of you and even wipe your drool
To play with you, I would rush home from school

On watching and entertaining you, I spent hours endless
Even as you cried and made a fuss on times countless
I eagerly waited for you to grow up soon
Even as a kid you always loved to play with a balloon

Our house was alive with your loud cries
They say you look like mom with your big eyes
Slowly as you started to walk and talk
You would follow me everywhere round the clock

You were chubby and a cute kid
And many naughty things you did
You would endlessly suck your thumb
And out of the play house very reluctantly come

Drinking milk you always tried to avoid
Numerous toys you have broken and destroyed
You grew up to be naughty and chatty
I always wonder if you’ll ever become a fatty

You are more than often disorganized and messy
Often wore ghagra on weekends and looked dressy
You paint, color and dance incredibly well
But you’re quite short tempered and loudly yell

Even though we often argue and fight
Soon after we forget and everything becomes alright
You really are one of a kind and a unique cartoon
And go completely mad in the monsoon

In your own thoughts you are often lost
You want things done your way at any cost
You’re a perfectionist at making creative stuff
You’re full of ideas and love doing it sure enough

You can’t seem to take decisions fast
I found someone who understands sarcasm at last
You desperately want a dog of your own
Your craze for blue makes us all groan

You are a slow eater and love junk food
And are a lot of fun when you’re in the mood
You sometimes act like a tube light
But mostly you’re interesting and a superb delight

I reminisce all our wonderful moments together
Hope we maintain this sisterhood and remain close forever
You are sweet, bubbly and really smart
I cherish you, my little sister, with all my heart!

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