January 31, 2014

A Woman's Worth


She is beautiful and majestic
often involved in worries domestic
She efficiently juggles multiple roles
and touches the hearts of infinite souls

She struggles on her own quietly in pain
yet all her relationships she does maintain
She maintains a perfect balance in her life
and strives to be a better daughter, mother and wife

She is forgiving and faithful
and gracious and grateful
She is emotional and cries her heart out
and is passionate and patient without any doubt

She often sacrifices her own aspirations
and displays strength beyond expectations
She endures many a hardships
and is the heart and soul of numerous friendships

She deserves to be treated with respect
and wishes for love and no neglect
She loves unconditionally and selflessly
and tolerates your flaws endlessly

She performs wonders at home and in the workplace
by swallowing her pride with a lot of grace
She is devoted, kind and humble
will make you smile and not grumble

She upholds her integrity and performs her duty
is smart, caring and abounded by beauty
She is always guiding you along the way
and is responsible for your success today

She does so much for us
without ever making a big fuss
She gives you unforgettable memories to reminisce
and countless moments of laughter, love and bliss

She consoles you when you cry
to keep you happy she does very hard try
She sees your sadness and hugs you tight
and makes sure your heart feels light

She listens to your troubles attentively
and is understanding extensively
She achieves the impossible by her strong will
and nurses you whenever you are ill

She is a beacon shining bright
in troubled times when things don’t go right
She makes your wishes come true
and definitely stands by you all through

She deserves every bit of gratitude
and displays immense fortitude
She is helpful, encouraging and motivating
and most certainly makes life worth living!

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