February 1, 2016

Breaking Free


Like a moth to a flame, I was attracted towards you
I completely fell for you without realizing it ever
Knew you were too good and way beyond my reach
But this stupid heart of mine stopped hoping never

You sketched the perfect persona in my head
No matter what, I couldn’t stop fantasizing from afar
Tried to get you out of my head but failed miserably
The thoughts in my head became weird and bizarre

Once you started showing interest, I was your prisoner
Had no control over what I was doing anymore
Followed you blindly without thinking about it
Stupidly set out to help, ‘You need me’ I swore

Little did I know it was a trap for my shattered heart
You were fine on your own and never really needed me
But you got what you wanted from me anyways
Because I was gullible enough to give it to you for free

I thought you knew exactly how I felt about you
But the depth of my feelings, you never understood
Even when I confessed and cried in front of you
Your expressed words never made me feel good

I couldn’t believe how insensitive you were being
After all those amazing nights and days we had
You completely messed up my head with negativity
I have lost control and am in a daze, broken and sad

But I won’t let you ruin my life anymore
I have tolerated enough of this nonsense now
Very soon, I will come out stronger and more awesome
I shall break free out of this hell in my head somehow

You have lost an awesome gem in your life
Because you truly deserve to have it withdrawn
Maybe one day you will realize my true value and worth
But I ain't gonna wait, as by then I will be long gone!

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