September 1, 2016



I am walking alone
Getting closer each day
To finding my ikigai
And fulfilling my purpose on the way

Destiny has something rare in store for me
My likes and dislikes are unique
My preferences are known to me alone
And my weird complexities arouse mystique

With a vision in my mind
And ambition oozing from my soul
I dare to design my dream
And see it come true as a whole

No one can ever understand me
In recluse I aim for my next milestone
No one can help me because
This is a journey I have to walk on my own

From my loved ones and well wishers
I may receive help from time to time
But it’s up to me to reach my goal
And satisfy my inner quest in this lifetime

At times I feel troubled and scared
To walk on this journey in isolation
Especially when faced with obstacles
I am filled with helplessness and frustration

But then I reach out within myself
To gather the courage and keep going
And beyond my wildest imagination
I realize I do have strength overflowing

I know it’s going to be worth it soon
And someday it will all make sense
Till then I am going to enjoy the journey
Without focusing on the future tense!

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