August 26, 2016

Laud while you can


While he was alive
They belittled him for every little quest
Always pointed out his little flaws
And expected him to be the best

Very rarely did they ever appreciate
His unique talent and good heart 
Never realizing how much it affected him
How his confidence and self esteem fell apart

Thoughts of not being good enough
Proliferated his mind to a great extent
He lost the courage to face the world
Ending his life seemed like an easier lament

He left a void forever in their hearts
Forcing them to always live with regret
Such a dear price to pay in life
A lesson taught to change their mindset

If only they had told him
That he was God’s greatest gift
If only they had appreciated his kind nature
While he was around and made the shift

Maybe then he could have received help
And gone on to accomplish greater heights
Maybe he wouldn't have taken the drastic step
And have us pay homage at his last rites

Soon after, people shared their wonderful memories
And with a flood of praises, they complimented him
It was disheartening to see how so many people
Cared for him and he really didn’t have to be grim

How I wish they lauded him while he was alive
Rather than give a eulogy at his funeral, nay
It would have given him an ever-lasting joy
And he would still be with us today!

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