December 22, 2016



How much longer must I float? 
it's been so long already 
When will I get answers? 
that will make me steady

With eyes full of questions 
and dreams filling my heart
I look into the future 
to give me a head start

With no aim or definite goal
I’m stumbling in the dark
Need this trepidation to go away
so I can make my mark

The present brings no joy
I am losing my essence and identity
Without a purpose I’m hollow
maybe I need serendipity

This was never my plan
it's gone horribly wrong 
All the hard work seems futile
that I had put in for so long

By this time I had hoped to
accomplish so much more
But I'm back to square one 
and It's shaken up my core

I don't have the strength
to make choices or decide 
I don't know which way to go 
with no one walking beside

Perhaps soon the dark clouds 
will clear and show the light 
Perhaps soon the negativity 
will dissolve from my sight…

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