March 18, 2016

Letting you go


I had let you go
I had accepted that it can never happen
I had given up on you completely
Why did you come back into my life then?

I had the best times with you
I had tried but failed to grab your attention
I had even known that you were too good for me
Why did you come back and ruin my condition?

I had lost faith in affection
I had buried all the fond memories deep in my head
I had forgotten what it felt like to be loved
Why did you come back and make me tears shed?

I had diverted all my thoughts about you
I had decided to keep a distance and somehow cope
I had convinced myself that you weren't the one
Why did you come back and give me false hope?

You don't seem affected by any of this
You don't understand that I'm more broken now than ever
You don't have to pick up the pieces and move on
How did I let you get close & think I would lose you never?

You don't realize I can't be anyone else's now
You don't believe that for each other we are perfect
You don't want me and think I don't belong with you
How did I not realize I can't ever get over your effect?

You don't care that every little thing reminds me of you
You don't know how your inspiring words echo in my ears
You don't stop your handsome face haunting me in dreams
How did I let you control me and unleash my deepest fears?

You don't notice how difficult this is for me
You don't see why I want this so bad
You don't get how much you mean to me
To let you go again, makes me so sad!

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