March 15, 2016

Vithika Didi


Right from childhood I looked upto you
I admired and adored you even more as I grew
You have influenced my life in a very positive way
I try to be more like you with each passing day

Reminisce the times I tried out your fancy footwear to impress
I loved to model in your clothes & create a makeup mess
As a young girl, I used to always follow you around
I was so proud when as Miss India you were crowned

You have spent hours entertaining and taking care of me
Introduced in me the craze for the Christmas tree
You have spoilt me endlessly with gifts and goodies
Right from toys and scarves to chocolates and cookies

You got me interested in Harry Potter and jigsaw puzzles
And made birthday celebrations memorable without any troubles
You are smart, talented and a sexy supermodel
And a really sweet, sensible and confident role model

Under your guidance, I loved writing articles on fashion
Helping you organize weddings and events brought out my passion
Trip to Jodhpur with you was an experience simply amazing
I was exposed to learning, designing and a different way of living

You have always been independent and achieved your goals
In your journey of 40 years, made a difference to many souls
May all your dreams come true and your amibitions never die
Here’s wishing you continue living life king size and fly high!

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