March 23, 2016

Quarter life


When I reminisce the past beautiful 25 years
there is a gleam in my eyes and some tears
For an incredible journey, I feel immense gratitude 
Rich experiences brought in me a positive attitude

Met some amazing people with a stroke of luck
Through all times, who have beside me stuck
They have enriched my life in many a way
Boosted my confidence with each passing day

For numerous achievements, I look back with pride
Feel humbled at my talent recognition alongside
With every sour incident, my strength has grown 
Each of which had a little learning of its own

However, there is a certain restlessness now
and an urge to prove my worth anyhow
I feel a weird calling out of my comfort zone
To set up my legacy and become well known

Slowly settling in is a disturbing frustration
To follow passions crazily, there is temptation
Dreams are ever changing and wild every year
Purpose of life is still unsure and unclear

I want to follow my heart and continue to excel
So success comes to my door and rings the bell
I wish to tick every item on my bucket list
and live life to the fullest till I exist

As the quarter life mark I will very soon cross
I want to break all rules and be my own boss
With adventure & happiness woven in my life thread
Give back to the planet and inspire others ahead!

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