March 16, 2016

Pleasure in Pain


You would have seen how perfect we are together
If only you had tried and given us a fair chance
We think alike and share the same interests
There's a spark that makes us feel alive in just a glance

Those few amazing times we had together
I can never forget the fond memories we shared
That's all I have left of you now 
My tears don't stop because you never really cared

I want another hug and another kiss
And then yet another, don't ever stop
Make me tremble from head to toe
So that I cry out loud with pleasure and drop

You were so gentle and loving
You made me want you more than ever
You evoked in me emotions that I had long forgotten
I wanted to stay in your arms forever

I reminisce every single crazy moment with a smile
I close my eyes and imagine being with you
It induces a strange feeling of happiness and serenity
Along with pain, loneliness and a weird sense of déjà vu

Your presence has such a strong effect on me
I get lost in thought and all tongue tied
A million words are waiting to come out but none do
That you might think less of me, I get terrified

I stumbled in the darkness for answers
Wishing every moment that it would happen in the long run
But you completely refused to accept it
& left me hanging onto false hopes with reasons none

You were the only one who fulfilled my desires
And satisfied my cravings like no other
I'm frightened that I might spend the rest of my life
chasing the high you gave me altogether!

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